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e-CRF system will help realize efficient project conduct. On top of the main EDC functions, additional functions are also integrated for further efficient work process. With its wide range of additional functions, DreamTrial provides aids for easier and more convenient project performance.

It is possible to go through the e-Learning Course for a project and also issue a certification through its test course, all at once. The number of questions for the test and criteria for passing the test will be determined in advance through consultation with the customer.

When SAE occurs, Auto Alarm will be sent to pre-defined persons immediately upon data entry to ensure the event is responded to promptly. It is also possible to submit the SAE report via e-mail by linking the registered data through the e-CRF system. The SAE report transmitted through the DreamTrial system will be attached as a PDF on the email and delivered safely.

DreamTrial is linked with WHO-ART, an international classification system for adverse events of drugs, as well as KIMS Dictionary, the MedDRA drug classification and information system.

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