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  • DreamTrial offers intuitive and convenient interfaces
    DreamTrial, a web-based clinical trial data capture solution, enables easy and fast data collection in a stable and accurate manner. It is a localized e-CRF system catering to Korean needs and designed to maximize the efficiency of clinical researches by enhancing investigator satisfaction with its intuitive and convenient interfaces. This system provides flexibility to meet various customer needs as it is designed to maximize the availability of e-CRF system, and thereby increase user satisfaction.
  • The DreamTrial development organization incorporates the best experts in the country
    The DreamTrial Construction Team is comprised of experts trained to build a successful e-CRF system, including IT Administrator, Software Engineer, Software Project Manager, System Architecture, and Data Manager. Our One-Stop collaboration system enables the DreamTrial construction team to reflect the customer’ needs in a timely and accurate fashion. DreamTrial complies with the GCPs and 21 CFR Part11 and is validated according to the Validation Master Plan of DreamCIS Inc.
  • DreamTrial ensures data stability and integrity
    DreamTrial follows open standard architecture and Html standards and adopts SSL security solution in order to maintain high quality and security. It provides various services by authority level and is equipped with security functions designed to cope with situations where data stability can be damaged, such as multiple accesses and simultaneous accesses, thereby further enhancing maintenance of data integrity. Additionally, the system is owned by DreamCIS Inc., which means that our customers will be entitled to full scope services from development to maintenance and repair.
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