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DreamTrial applies processes that meet global standards to allow systematic project management. This validated system has also introduced functions tailored to Korean culture. This system has been developed mainly based on functions necessary to realize a fast and light system so that users can enjoy easy and convenient system.

e-learning system is integrated into DreamTrial to ensure easy and convenient e-learning. In addition, real-time auto alarm system is introduced for prompt information checking in various situations. These core functions are designed to comply with the GCPs and 21 CFR Part 11, and also, system audit has been performed for DreamTrial itself, where no findings were detected.

  • EDC Dash Board
  • Patient Management
  • SAE Management
  • Query Management
  • E-Learning
  • SAE Report
  • Status Report
  • Pregnancy Report
  • CRF Annotation
  • Auto Alarm Management
  • Log Management
  • Additional Function

  • 온라인문의
  • 찾아오는길
  • 브로셔다운